Roomi: Beautifully Designed Air Purifier

Roomi: Beautifully Designed Air Purifier

It’s a very nice product with its main Purpose is to filter air. It’s made from good quality materials with clean white looks. With it’s non sharp edge design it also serve as a decorative item in your house. I like the overall product it looks nice, well designed, easy installation. The deodorizer smell wonderful, I can imagine myself on a beach in a tropical island with a light breeze of air.

What I don’t like though is how you put on the oil Mist filter which have adhesive tape on it, making it difficult to put it in the tray. It should provide more clear instruction on how to remove the protective paper. I wish the filter come Pre-installed.

The only room for improvement I believe is on how you attach the filter guide, because I’m not sure which protective paper I should remove, is it some of it or all of it.




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